What makes us Clearwater Academy?

With tailor-made programs at Clearwater Academy, each individual student is our priority. Students are personally tested upon entering the school in order to find areas of skill and areas that need improvement. After testing, every student receives a personally designed program for the grade that they are entering. Each program contains all of the steps they need to do to complete that grade. Not only does this happen when a new student enters the school, but this level of individual attention occurs every time a student graduates from one grade to the next.


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Every student receives a personally designed program for each grade.



Sometimes a student arrives at Clearwater Academy significantly behind our standards for their age. When this occurs we recommend one of our tutors work with the student to get them back on track. Clearwater Academy is unique in the fact that we have tutors at our facility trained in our curriculum and ready to help any student with one-on-one service. Tutoring is an additional cost.


Quality Control

One of the most unique aspects of Clearwater Academy is its Quality Control Division, also known as the Qualifications Division. Once a program has been designed, a student can then work on it in the classroom at their own pace with the guidance and help of our trained teachers. As each step is completed the student is then sent to our Qualifications Division (Quality Control). While there, the student is tested on the material he has studied and any necessary correction is completed on the material missed. Each student gets a pass when they have mastered the subject 100% and then move on to the next step of their program. This system allows our students to work at their own pace while still assuring full comprehension of the material.


Students can sometimes become bogged down on a subject and as a result move slower than their usual pace. Clearwater Academy has a staff of “Wordclearers” to help these students. To “clear” a word means to fully understand all the meanings of a word and then be able to use it. Wordclearers are highly trained in the technique of discovering what is preventing the students comprehension and slowing him down. Wordclearing is one of the unique and extremely valuable services that Clearwater Academy provides as a standard part of its academic program. These reasons and so much more make Clearwater Academy the first choice of a growing number of families internationally for their children’s education.

They have goals. We get them there.