Mr. Jim Zwers, Executive Director


Hello and welcome to Clearwater Academy International!


Usually, when a person new to the school walks onto the campus at Clearwater Academy International they can’t help but smile. There is such an energy and tone about the place that they immediately sense that something good is happening here.


CAI has a reputation for having some of the best arts, sports and events of any school and it’s true we take everything we do seriously and try to do it at the highest level possible. So, over the years we’ve managed to build up a vibrant community of students, staff and parents who support the school and contribute in many ways to make it great.


But the school community is built up around an important core, and that core is academics. Although our sports and arts and amazing field trips often take center stage, the show itself is the great academic teaching that takes place every day at Clearwater Academy Int’l. The high standard of our academic work is the thing I am most proud of.


Every year at our graduation, as I watch the students being acknowledged, I can’t help but be honored to be a part of this school and all that we do here – not only educating but truly improving our students’ lives.


The school community is built around an important core, and that core is academics.

Mr. Jim Zwers –
Executive Director