Clearwater Academy International’s Goals Oriented Education approach encompasses all areas of our students’ lives, as we believe that school is much more than just a place of study. Our students receive a well-rounded education with excellent academics, life skills and life experiences.

We offer opportunities beyond the classroom that allow students to explore specific interests, we create an environment of activities where they can explore, grow and cultivate their talents and interests throughout their academic years.

This starts in our classrooms, where knowledge is shared so that the student can apply what they learn. Then it expands into activities beyond the classroom, such as research projects, competitions and involvement in school-wide activities, including the arts and sports. As our students’ mature there are more and more opportunities to expand their interests, through our electives program, sports, the arts and community service projects. All combining to produce a Clearwater Academy graduate: a dynamic individual who is able to apply what they’ve learned to the real world to be successful.