At Clearwater Academy we are committed to not only educating the students so that they may achieve their goals but we also help them determine their goals. What are their interests? What do they want to have from life? What do they love to do? How can all of this lead to a career that will not only be fulfilling but successful?

A student’s career path begins with an in-depth interview with our Career Counselor to help them find their goal and how to get there. Then their high school program is written with this goal in mind, and to help them get there we offer AP courses, honors courses and dual-credit classes with St. Pete College. We also schedule speakers throughout the school year; successful businessmen, artists and international seminar speakers who encourage and enlighten our students on their own successful actions.

We don’t stop at just the technical information for a successful career but we also have a very special training available with our Business School curriculum. This is a unique collaboration with a successful business training company that has created a curriculum just for our students to teach them the basics of business; the same information CEO’s of international companies study. No matter what career you are pursuing you need to know how to run a business, how to manage money, how to handle employees, all of this is covered in our Business School curriculum, which is incorporated into our high school curriculum.

Once our students are on their academic path for their goal we continue to work with them to find engaging apprenticeships, valuable experiences and the best colleges for their goal. This is where our dedicated and understanding high school faculty are at their best. Our faculty are continuously communicating with our students and parents throughout their high school career to make sure our students are happy, motivated and moving in the right direction for their own future.