Harnessing a student’s interest and purpose


Electives are as varied as our student body and their interests.


 One of the aspects that makes Clearwater Academy one of the most successful and effective private schools is understanding and discovering the goals and purposes of our students. This is a part of our Goals Oriented Education™ approach.

The academic core of Clearwater Academy’s curriculum is augmented by our diverse elective program. Each quarter the electives program is developed through student input and pursuits. These optional programs are designed to align to the goals students have to go beyond learning from a book and to get into action on a subject.

Electives are as varied as our student body and their interests. There is a consistent enthusiasm with the students in the sports program. Competitive sports are offered from 4th grade on up and include football (flag and tackle), soccer, basketball, volleyball and more.

 However, beyond sports the student body and Clearwater Academy staff have developed a variety of other engaging electives. These have included photograhpy, robotics, language, year book, performing arts, music, drama, business, fashion design, silk screening, and much more.

Electives are held in the afternoon following the student’s academic production. If a student decides that he would prefer to continue to study academics, there is always a study hall elective option.

Clearwater Academy’s approach to electives reflects its overall educational methodology. Students learn key terms and definitions in each subject and then on a gradient apply the skills they have learned toward achieving a stated objective.