First through Fifth Grades

Each student receives a solid foundation in the building blocks of future skills.


Picking the right elementary school experience for your children is one of the most important decisions you can make. Experts, classroom teachers and parents agree that these are the key years for children to develop a love for learning.

Understanding this, we provide each student with tailor-made programming matched to his or her skills and needs. This unique approach allows students to learn at their own pace, while ensuring a well-rounded and balanced education.

Each student receives a solid foundation in the building blocks of future skills. This includes a systematic phonics program that develops strong, confident readers and accomplished spellers. Arithmetic basics, including number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, are taught in a way that enables students to do “mental math.” This superior approach helps students think conceptually with math so that they master higher­‐level work with ease.

Along with this important foundation, our curriculum is enhanced with geography, social studies, physical education, art and other subjects, which allow for a well-rounded education and keeps students interested.

One of the most important aspects of our elementary curriculum is The Way to Happiness®, a common sense guide to better living. Students learn and apply such concepts as; “Love and Help Children,” “Honor and Help Your Parents” and “Set A Good Example.” These lessons help develop important character traits at an early age as they learn how to live a happy life by learning to apply these rules.

Our extracurricular program for elementary school students is just as rich and robust as the program offered to our older students. These include field trips, organized sports and arts. Our elementary program is designed to jump start our students’ learning adventure with a focus on our Goals Oriented Education™ philosophy.

An integral part of any elementary program is the staff. Our teachers have years of experience and are highly trained in teaching this age group, they are able to successfully handle the students when they run into trouble. Also at this age, specific attention is given to developing the students’ communication skills and introduces them to applying the Study Technology on their own, developing essential study skills for their future studies.