Ninth through Twelfth Grades

The Three-Track System allows the student to individually design his or her academic progress and extracurricular experience.

High School can be a fantastic experience, one where basic ambitions are honed into lifelong skills. Students not only need a firm foundation with a curriculum that challenges them and prepares them for what lies ahead, but they also need direct help from both parents and school faculty to ensure they reach their goals.

During their time at Clearwater Academy, students and parents are consulted as to the goals of the student as a part of our Goals Oriented Education™ approach. With this background, Clearwater Academy students and parents arrive in high school with a fairly clear vision of where they are going. Emphasizing goals sets Clearwater Academy apart from most public and private schools where (in their senior year) many students look up from their desk asking, “Ok, now what?”

Our school is designed so that you  can reach for and eventually attain your dreams and goals. Student successes at Clearwater Academy are not normally attained by luck or chance. They are attained by using the Study Technology, by a positive attitude, and by steadily working toward goals. We have seen students work amazingly hard preparing for college entrance exams, scoring well and getting accepted into honors programs at several universities. We have seen others starting successful businesses while still in high school, attaining professional-level skill in the arts, as well as developing other incredible skills and talents.

Clearwater Academy’s Three-Track System™

The Three-Track System helps students to align their high school activities to their life-objectives. As these are unique to each student, the Three-Track System allows the student to individually design his or her academic progress and extracurricular experience.

Basic High School Track

This track is designed for those students who already know what they want to do in life and just need to finish high school to get on with life. This is not a GED (General Equivalency Diploma) but a full high school education delivered in an accelerated way. This program is intended for students who do not require education beyond high school.

Career Oriented Track

This track covers all the fundamentals included in our basic track but also includes training and experience in the field of the student’s interest. This includes specialized training and apprenticeships. It also may include taking dual-credit classes at St. Petersburg College. The end result of this program is a graduate who is prepared to go out and be immediately productive in their field of interest.

College Preparatory Track

For students whose goals require a college education, this track is the best track to prepare them. In addition to all the basics covered in the above tracks there is also
higher levels of math, English and science to produce a graduate who will be successful at the college of their choice.

Although a student starts out on one track he does have the option to change tracks as his goals change.