Fifth through Eighth Grades

Middle school also provides opportunities to become more active in our school through drama productions, electives and overnight field trips.

 Middle school is an important transition period where students go from being just students to active participants in their own education. At Clearwater Academy, we understand this important period and have structured our middle school with this in mind.

Our curriculum in middle school begins to become more self-guided with, as always, a strong emphasis on the important fundamentals and basics. Students are encouraged and taught how to become independent learners guided by our experienced and patient staff.

They conduct more in-depth research projects and look beyond their text books. This helps them make connections between what they are studying and the real world.

Students begin to experience and benefit from what our Goals Oriented Educational™ approach has to offer. Middle school students expand on their core subjects of grammar, math and writing with detailed and student-driven studies of history, geography, science and literature.

As with all grade levels, individual programming plays a vital part of our student’s day-to-day life. Unlike other “cookie cutter” approaches, those areas students naturally excel in are encouraged and enhanced. However, special tailored programs ensure they stay focused on their basics by consulting their own interests and talents.

Our middle school also provides opportunities to become more active in our school through drama productions, specialized clubs and overnight field trips. Interscholastic sports are also offered for these grades; flag football, volleyball and soccer are a few of our competitive sports.

As our middle school students look to the future, we provide them the opportunity to experience life firsthand. Our Goals Oriented Education philosophy is embedded in our clubs, field trips and special activities. In this way, students are enlightened to the choices they will have as adults and how their education today is a part of their future life. This best prepares them for a valuable high school experience.