Enhancing all our students natural talents

 Our students have more opportunity to work on their individual talents and to have them showcased at a variety of performances.


Because the performing arts have such a major role in our society, we, at Clearwater Academy International, have made them equally important in our educational program.

Our Performing Arts Program allows the opportunity for the artist in every child to grow.
General performing arts instruction is delivered to preschool through 12th grade, giving every student the opportunity to explore his or her artistic goals.

Our younger students learn basic concepts in music, movement/dance and performance. As students continue with our program, they develop abilities, whether playing a simple instrument, learning to sing in harmony or demonstrating perfect stage manners.

Our older students learn that the performing arts are more than just a fun, creative outlet. They discover how the arts influence and shape our culture; they learn that the arts are perhaps the most powerful medium for transcending any cultural barrier and creating a better world.

In addition to the general performing arts instruction, Clearwater Academy offers specialized electives for students 4th grade and up.

Here the emphasis is on performance. These students have more opportunities to work on their individual talents and to have them showcased at a variety of performances, e.g. student assemblies, holiday shows or community events.
For students with serious ambition, we offer private and semi-private lessons, performance coaching and career counseling.