One of the distinct differences that parents and students quickly discover about Clearwater Academy International (CAI) is its overall approach to the subject of education and academics.

CAI student and teacher using our interactive computer board.


While the curriculum that a student studies is important there is another key ingredient to a child’s success at school.

The philosophy at CAI is that one of the most important factors in education is consulting the child’s goals and developing a program that best matches their interests and skills.

Goals Oriented Education ™

We call this approach Goals Oriented Education and it is a part of everything that we do at the school. Our professional youth development staff work to discover the unique skills, interests and goals of all our students. All students have goals, they may or may not be life-long goals but these are what motivate the student. When academics are aligned to this, education becomes more effective and valuable.

 This is not simply a matter of indulging the child’s every wish, rather the student’s motivation and interest are piqued when his education is aligned to his career goals.

Each student at CAI has their own unique program which includes all of the core academics as well as emphasis on the student’s interests. This Goals Oriented approach helps to bring the subjects alive for the student. If one is just studying math it can be tedious, however if one is studying math in order to become a computer engineer it takes on a whole new meaning.

Enhancing our core academic program, we have a system of extracurricular activities and school sponsored clubs that the student can take part in, creating a truly well-rounded education.

The key to our success of our unique program is our staff. Due to their extensive training and application of Study Technology™* our staff are patient and understanding teachers who genuinely want to help and educate our students.

Our students’ successes are our successes.



*Study Technology is a learning system that produces a greatly improved result when used exactly (by “Technology” is meant methods of application to obtain specific result).