N.V. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“I learned that when something didn’t go right, to look at the problem, take full responsibility, and handle it. Take a step back, look at it and see what YOU can do to fix it.”

D.Z. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“In this extraordinary environment, children do not grow up quiet and obedient. They grow up ready for the adventure of a full and meaningful life.”

Z.O. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“I learned to fully believe in myself, and now have complete certainty that I can achieve anything in life!!!”

D.K. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“Tonight I stand here knowing that wherever life takes me, I have the tools to make it.”

A.B. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“I want to say that maybe the best lesson I’ve learned here at Clearwater Academy is to push through adversity, the hard times… even when you don’t realize that a lot of it is coming from you!”

H.W. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

“I am very ready to start a new, even bigger game in life… And the knowledge I have obtained from Clearwater Academy has totally prepared me for that!”

D.C. - Clearwater Academy Graduate

At Clearwater Academy I found a team of people with the ability to actually help children and young adults become successful in this game we call life.

A.E. - 3rd Grade Student

I learnt a lot in 3rd grade. I learned how to write stories and essays. I also had fun learning how to multiply. I liked reading and writing the most. I am happy to go to 4th grade.


Success Stories

Success Stories

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Due to our unique approach to education, a student can begin any time throughout the year.

Goals Oriented Education™

Goals Oriented Education™

"Our philosophy is the most important factor in education is consulting the student's goal."

What Our Graduates Say

What Our Graduates Say

“Listen to our graduates describe the Clearwater Academy experience in their own words.”



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