The admissions process is straightforward at Clearwater Academy International:

  1. Contact us 
    The first step is to let us know that you are interested. You can call the Admissions Director, stop by the school or fill out an online Inquiry form.
  2. Personal tour of the school – 
    We think it’s very important to visit our campus, talk to our students and faculty and get a feel for what makes Clearwater Academy International a unique and effective private school. Call admissions at 727-446-1722 to book your personal tour or fill out the online Book a Tour form.
  3. Application
    As with all schools, it is very important that we get to know you and your child as well as you getting to know us. We want to know more about your child and his/her educational and life experiences. You will receive your application forms at your tour or you can request them to be mailed.
  4. Testing (if required)
    For students transferring from another school, testing will be required. This allows us to find where your child is excelling and where there are any gaps in their education. Testing will be scheduled at your tour and is done on our campus.
  5. Review program
    After testing, you will be contacted about the results and will be able to review the recommended program for your child. Some students may not qualify, if that is the case you will still receive a summary of their testing.
  6. Welcome to Clearwater Academy International!
    Once your program is reviewed and understood, the final enrollment papers will be completed and then you will be part of the Clearwater Academy family.