McKay Scholarship/Step Up


Clearwater Academy has been registered, with the state of Florida, to accept the McKay Scholarship for a number of years and during this time we have been able to help many students with our unique method of education based on tailor-made programs and self-paced study.

While there are varied learning and physical disabilities that can stand in the way of a child’s progress through school, at Clearwater Academy we can help students with our unique educational methods and with the use of our in-house tutors who are able to work one-on-one with the students on a daily basis. Our methods often benefit a child who does not do well in the traditional lecture-style classroom setting and who is best suited working at their own pace through our curriculum.

Enrollment in Clearwater Academy is a selection process and is based upon full evaluation of each individual student including diagnostic academic testing and parent/student interviews.

The McKay Scholarship varies in dollar amount for each individual student and as such the scholarship amount will not cover our school tuition fully. It is then the responsibility of the parent to fully cover the difference in the scholarship and our annual tuition. Additional school costs such as; tutoring, required school uniforms, required textbooks and activities fees are also the responsibility of the student’s parents.

Information and registration for the McKay Scholarship can be done online at